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Chin-Po Wang
13F., No. 1-16, Kuojian Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Conditions of Use

  • Applicable Games:MyCard Point is applicable for multiple games or digital contents which issued by Game First International Corp., Chinesegamer International Corp., Game Flier International Corp., USERJOY Technology Co.,Ltd. and so on. Please refer the details on Entertainment.
  • Product category: Online Game Point Card.
  • When the MyCard Points had already redeemed or convert into the online games、services or products (following as “Products”) which provided by MyCard, the refund method shall follow the standard of Products. Or you may contact MyCard Customer Service Center for more information.
  • If there are any gift points which present by MyCard Point Card, the gift points are not in Performance Guaranteed as follow.

Performance Guarantee

The amount which is represented by the MyCard Point (Card/Serial Number), has declared trust in full performance guarantee by CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.. The period of performance guarantee is 1 year from the purchase date, and all duty of performance guarantee shall cancel automatically after the expiration of the period. If the financial institution which provides performance guarantee been replaced in the period, the new financial institution shall still provide the performance guarantee.

Terms and Conditions

  • Be carefull! There were numerous swindle case of game point cards occurred recently, to avoid being fraudulent, you must confirm first when you buying game point cards on behalf.
  • If you are juvenile, you must acquire the consent of your guardian before purchase the MyCard Point.
  • If it shows “Not in Performance Guaranteed ” in your query result, it means that this MyCard Point (Card/Serial Number) is the gift points which does not have to declared trust in performance guarantee by law. It deems that the consumer use such gift points priority.
  • If it shows “ Performance Guarantee Expired” in your query result, it means that the amount of funds which represented by the MyCard Point (Card/Serial Number) had expired of the period of performance guarantee wich provided by CTBC Bank Co., Ltd., but the MyCard Point is still effective.